Prayer is wordless wonder

beach wavesWalking along the beach yesterday late in the afternoon I was trying to pray with words and nothing was coming out.

That’s when I experienced this:  Prayer is wordless wonder.

Not always.  And not finally either.  Prayer often involves words–hearing God’s Word, echoing His word, offering up our own words.  That’s a lot of what this site is about afterall.

Yet there are still times when words fail us, but (more…)

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Prayer is immersion in beauty

“Prayer is immersion in beauty–God’s beauty.  Talking to Him regularly allows us to see His beauty in many places.”  Mike Bickle, Growing in Prayer p. 18

I came across this in Mike Bickle’s book and it really struck me.  I had to stop, and the truth resonated deeply with me.  So much in the Bible that points to beauty is related to God and our relationship with Him and His interaction with the creation. (more…)

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Prayer is…a journey

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I’m walking a path… just as you are.  Living life is walking a particular path on this planet, at this time, making the choices I’m making.  Which is a lot about me, so let’s say it differently.

We are all on a journey.  The best way to make this journey is in conversation with God, praying our way through each day. (more…)

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Prayer is a cry for help

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The heart monitor by the bedside is beeping and keeping rhythm.  It reassures that life is still here, still being lived.

How many surgeries has it been?  Is this the fifth or sixth?  A close relative I know has had over twenty, which I can barely imagine.  And then, one week later, and I’m in another hospital, at another bedside, a completely different set of circumstances but another heart monitor, another intensive care room visit.

The cries go up to God.  “Help, Lord!” “Heal, restore complete health!”  “Please take away the pain!”

It’s clear that we need help.   (more…)

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