How you start the day sets the course and tone for the rest of the day.  Spend your first fifteen minutes of the day listening to God and responding in a personal way on this daily prayer podcast. 

Whether you are getting started in a relationship with God, trying to have a quiet time or seeking guidance at this point in your life, you could use some extra help in getting further down the path.

I suggest you spend fifteen minutes listening to God’s word for you, reflecting on it and learning to pray to God. That’s one of the key reasons I started this site. Once you’ve heard God’s word, don’t walk away like someone who looks at themself in the mirror and then walks away and forgets what they look like. That’s pretty ridiculous! But it is exactly what James says before urging us to be “doers of the word” and not hearers only (James 1:22-25). The First Fifteen podcast is meant to encourage and support you to carry that word with you through the rest of your day. 

Season 1 shows how to use this method to listen to God and pray a wide variety of scriptures, from psalms to letters to law to gospel, prophecy, poetry and story/narratives! (15 episodes) [start here]

Season 2 focuses on the genre of gospel and we use Matthew’s gospel to journey with Jesus. (50 episodes) [start here]

Season 3 focuses on praying the Psalms and we look at favorites as well as lesser known or harder to pray psalms so we learn to pray the full spectrum of God’s Word to us and for us. (50 episodes) [start here]

Season 4 looks at praying the New Testament Letters starting with Philemon and Colossians.  Besides Paul’s letters (we also cover Titus), we read James and 1 John. We consider some of the challenges of reading and praying letters not written to us but they are for us. (22 episodes) [start here]

Season 5 points us to narrative or Bible stories, a literary form that makes up almost half of all the Bible.  We begin in 1 Samuel 1-3 before turning to Genesis and getting a handle on the big picture storyline of the Bible.  We also tune in to individual stories that illustrate how we can better read and pray Bible stories.  Equally, we learn to tell our own story about what God is doing in our life.  [start here]

Be sure and listen to episode 1 “Your First Fifteen Minutes of the Day” to get the overall process down and to see an example of it in action. After that, you can listen to other episodes in order or choose to jump episodes based on title/subject. Go ahead and subscribe to the podcast so it is ready for you whenever you want to listen.

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