Video is a powerful way for us to learn, to see the world (and God) in new ways and to engage in prayer. That’s ironic, because our most common association of prayer is to do it “eyes closed” which seems to block us from seeing anything. The truth is, prayer allows us to see higher realities.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the videos listed below. If you have topics you would like a video on, send us a message/suggestion with details.

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A short video that looks at the purpose of Bible reading in less than 3 minutes.

How to read the Bible, meditate and pray to grow closer to God

This is the first video I made in early 2020 and in it I demonstrate how to listen to Psalm 1, meditate on it and pray it in response to God. It gives a fuller method or approach to using daily devotional time to grow closer to God.

Season Two, Episode 1: Matthew 1

How to read Scripture and listen to God speak, meditate on the message and pray it as part of your daily devotion to God. This is from Matthew 1:18-25 and begins a series called Journey with Jesus which is a video podcast from First Fifteen, season two. There are fifty episodes that take you through select passages in the gospel of Matthew.

How to Pray a Gospel – tips for readers and prayers

This lesson came at the end of the Journey with Jesus series and talks about the gospels in terms of their purpose and how to read and pray any one of the four gospels profitably as part of your daily devotional.