First Fifteen Season Two is over

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Our podcast “First Fifteen” had its last episode of season two released this past week. Journey with Jesus (Praying through Matthew’s Gospel) went for 50 episodes with some bonus sessions toward the end. If you just found this page and want to start at the beginning of season 2, go here.

We gained new listeners every week and also released simultaneous episodes on our Youtube channel. Thank you to our listeners for your support. We included a bonus episode on praying through a gospel at the end of the season for suggested self-guided trips until our next season launches. Want a copy of the companion book series on praying through Matthew’s Gospel? There are 150 readings in the four volumes available here.

What’s next? We will start a series on praying the Psalms and will probably spend about the same number of episodes as we did on Matthew’s gospel. If you have requests or feedback, let me hear it. You can get in touch with me here.

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