God knows – Psalm 139

It’s a well-known psalm, but take a minute to drink in the truth about just how well, how intimately God knows you.

1)  Yahweh, You have searched me and known.

2)  You know my sitting down and rising.  You know my thoughts even from afar.

3)  My wandering and lying down You measure, and you know all my ways intimately,

4)  For there is not a word on my tongue that You, Yahweh, don’t know completely. (Psalm 139:1-4)

Nothing is hidden from God, no secrets are kept from Him.  I am known inside and out.

And the amazing truth is that with such intimate knowledge of me, God does not want to discard or destroy me.  He has plans for me!  He wants to use me.  In fact, His designs and intentions for me are far beyond what I can count or imagine.

Join me in praying:  God, You know me so well, so perfectly.  My mind cannot grasp it.  But You have hold of me, not in undesired domination over me, but because I have freely invited You in.  I want to know You just as well.  I will yield this life of mine either soon or later, so I’m choosing to bend my knee now, I want to know You well.  Amen!