Morning Prayer

How do you start your day? Whatever your routine or ritual, I hope it includes morning prayer and calling on God at the beginning.

Yellow board with red piped border with words: Morning Prayer.  There is a radiant sun icon int he upper left.  The quote on the card is inspired by Psalm 5 and reads:  The best way to start the day is with a word of prayer on our lips and in our hearts with a reference to Psalm 5
Best beginnings

I have to admit I’ve not been very intentional about how I start the day. Sometimes I roll out of bed, pull on some clothes and go to work. Or I go to the kitchen and get the water going followed by morning tea. When I’m on my game I exercise or go for a run.

I’ve not had a habit of starting the day with morning prayer as I was trying to wake up. In fact, as smart phones make it easy to check news, messages or whatever, I’ve had to fight the impulse to look at my phone first thing.

The Psalms with their wisdom show us a better way to start the day. It even gives us a script so we don’t have to think too hard to get going.

Psalm 5 – Morning Prayer

1)  Listen to my words Yahweh, decipher my murmuring.

2)  Hear my cry for help, my king and my God, because I’m praying to You.

3)  O Yahweh, hear my voice at dawn; at dawn I set it all out before you and look out for your answer.

The first three verses of Psalm 5 get us going. There’s only nine more verses to go. They remind us of who God is, that we have enemies, and that spending time in God’s presence is the time best spent. It’s the safest place, the most secure, and both blessing and praise are as natural as oxygen there.

What is your heart cry to God this morning?  What do you want to say to Him, the Ruler and King who never sleeps, the great Shield whose favor covers us? Start praying to God (it’s okay, he can handle “messy”).

If you want to listen to a podcast about Psalm 5, you can do that here.

Consider using the next 30 days to learn to pray through the Psalms. Get the book here.

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  1. SWM

    Thank you for sharing! I have enjoyed listening to your “Journey With Jesus” podcasts and learning more about God’s nature and His Word. Even though I have been a Christian for a very long time, I have found your insights and knowledge of God’s Word very useful. Thank you!

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