77 Wonderful Facts and Insights for Psalm 119 | Digital Download


77 Wonderful Facts and Insights for Psalm 119 by Ron Oltmanns.  14 page PDF ebook on the language, poetry and timeless impact of this wonderful psalm. 



Sometimes God speaks in the most unlikely ways. Psalm 119 is a great example of this. It’s the longest psalm (and “chapter”) in the Bible at 176 verses. Some of the individual verses really stand out and are memorable. But when people try to read through the entire psalm, often they find the effort pretty difficult.

After reading through Psalm 119 on several occasions, I gave it some serious study in 2014. The result was my own translation of the psalm from Hebrew. In the process I learned a lot of interesting things about Psalm 119 that make it fascinating to read. In fact, I started hearing God speak in a more real way to me through the words of this long prayer/poem.

I captured 77 insights and facts about Psalm 119 and I decided to share them here. These make great points to ponder in personal study or to share in a group Bible discussion.

Psalm 119 was meant for instruction, using the Hebrew alphabet in an innovative way. You might find it helps in family devotions to have some of these key points close at hand.

This 14 page ebook has 77 interesting facts, background and explainer notes about Psalm 119 and its impact on believers through the ages. I hope it takes you deeper into God’s Word and lets you hear him in this wonderful extended meditation on delighting in God’s law.


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Bible podcast on Psalm 119 is available in Season 3 of First Fifteen.


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