Remember This (Psalm 119:49-56)

Remember the word to your servant on which you have given me hope.

This–Your promise–has revived me” (Ps. 119:49,50)

In Psalm 119:49-56 this eight verse stanza features the Hebrew letter zayin.  Every line begins with a “z” word, so “remember” (vv. 49, 52, 55) and “this” (vv. 50, 56), which are common words in Hebrew, get used multiple times to begin these verses.

“I remember your judgments from long ago, Yahweh, and I take comfort in them.” (v. 52)

“I have remembered Your name in the night, Yahweh, and I have kept Your law (torah).” (v. 55)

Today, as you pray, remember this.