Making Prayer Easier When Life is a Struggle (Psalm 143)

Life is a struggle sometimes.  Prayer can be a struggle.  It doesn’t have to be.  When prayer seems hard I turn to the Psalms.  I’ve done that for nearly 30 years since I was a young single man living far from home in a foreign land and the Psalms have led me closer to God.  Through centuries and millenia God’s people have used the Psalms to express their cries to him.  I shared the following psalm (143) last Sunday with my family a day after my oldest son left home and landed on the other side of the world and now I’m sharing it with you.

1 Yahweh hear my prayer. Give ear to my requests.  In your faithfulness and your righteousness answer me!

2 Do not enter into judgment of your servant, for no one living can be upright before you.

3 For the enemy pursues me and crushes me to the ground.  He  makes me dwell in darkness like those who are long dead.

4 So my spirit is overwhelmed inside me and my heart is desolate within. 


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