2. Fourteen Generations

Starting a Journey with Jesus, Day 2 (Matthew 1:6b-17)

Altogether there were fourteen generations from Abraham to David, and fourteen from David to the Babylonian exile, and fourteen from the Babylonian exile to Christ.  (Matthew 1:17)

Why the emphasis on 14?  David’s Hebrew name adds up to 14, so the royal nature of Jesus’ ancestors through and through climaxes with Jesus who was called Christ, a messianic and royal title for the King of the Jews.

From David to Solomon and through the kings of Judah, the first set of 14 are all kings.  On to the exile of the Jews in Babylon (700 years before Jesus) and then after Israel returns from exile with no king, Jesus’ ancestors across the generations show that there is a story of faith and faithfulness and faith lost, of fame and infamy and obscurity stretching across the generations.

What does the family line of the Christ tell us about the journey we have started?  Jesus’ origins and ancestors were both royal and inclusive.  The genealogy is also testimony to God’s sure purposes across generations.  Whether people are faith-filled (like Abraham) or faithless (like many of the kings and the generation sent into exile), God is able to fulfill His purposes.  Using men and women, some willing and some disobedient, God nevertheless accomplishes His will!

Prayer:  Jesus, Son of Abraham and David!  A true Son of Israel and faithful son, reigning King of Judah, ruling Israel in justness, triumphing over the cross and Rome’s might.  King of the world and Prince of God’s designs — thank You for coming.  Thank You for showing faith, for demonstrating faithfulness, for fulfilling prophecy.  I pray in awe and gratitude, hopefulness and faith in what is yet to be.  Amen.

Travel tip:  Stay on the path; the trip gets better each day by the end of seven days.  Right now spend five minutes (or more) in prayer to gain insight about your own journey and what has brought you to where you are today.