1. Jesus Christ, son of Abraham, son of David

“The book of origin of Jesus Christ, Abraham’s son, David’s son” (Matthew 1:1)

Matthew starts by giving us the family tree.  There is a purpose to this.  Each name has a story behind it.  We won’t go into each story, but trust me–there are some really good ones!

Abraham left his home near Ur and traveled from southern Iraq to northern Iraq, through Syria and eventually to the Palestinian town of Hebron where he is buried today along with Isaac and Jacob.  Abraham’s story is about faith–bold faith–and being willing to take a journey with God.

Jacob was a traveler too, like his grandfather.  He was a trickster as well, scheming to get the birthright from his older brother Esau.  He met his match in an even more scheming father-in-law named Laban that he met on his long journey to Syria to look for a bride.  Jacob wrestled with the angel of God until he got the blessing–and a new name, Israel.

Boaz was a man of noble character who took in the Moabite widow Ruth and gave her a new home in Israel.  He became the great-grandfather of David, Israel’s greatest king.

The three woman mentioned ( Tamar, Rahab and Ruth) are all non-Jews famous for their righteousness or devotion to God and show that God’s people include more than one ethnic group or nation.

Where does Jesus come from?  He is the promised son of Abraham, the fulfillment of God’s promise to bless all of humanity.

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for working in history, working in the lives of people, working to guide and grow faith.  Please Lord, do the same in me!

Twenty names are listed in the first five verses of Matthew.  Who do you identify with the most at this time in your life?  Leave a comment about it