Recycled Prayers

Have you ever recycled prayers? Is it even okay to do it?

Psalm 108 suggests it’s been done before.

If you compare Psalm 108 with Ps. 57:7-11 and Ps. 60:5-12, you will notice striking repetition. It appears that later psalms were placed later in the Psalter, so it’s likely that Ps. 108 has taken two earlier psalms and combined parts of each into one psalm, demonstrating a recycling of prayer for another generation.

What are the implications for us? We cannot simply repeat the prayers of old over and over again.  Prayer must be earnestly prayed anew. Recycling prayer doesn’t mean warming up leftovers. It means we take prayers prayed before and add our full heart and our current situation as we pray them again with fresh energy and attention.

Find a verse from God’s word and recycle it today into a fresh prayer for your life situation now.