Feasting or fasting?

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus’ disciples are questioned by the Pharisees about why they aren’t fasting.  Our family read this section from the gospel and then discussed it tonight as we continued our own journey with Jesus.

Which am I doing right now, feasting or fasting? Am I feasting in Jesus’ presence and enjoying our relationship with all the riches that it gives? Or am I fasting in his absence, feeling a sense of loss and the need to mourn, to keep vigil as my faith is tested and I wait for the relationship to be renewed?

This is a different way to read the scripture than how I read it at a younger age.  You could be fasting or feasting depending on where you are on your spiritual journey.  The real question is to look below the surface of the behavior (eating a lot, or practically starving yourself).  Look at why you are doing what you’re doing.   A lot of us don’t do that often enough.

If our purpose is to grow closer to God, to celebrate or to discipline ourselves then we are doing the right thing.  If I’m fasting or feasting and it’s not focused on bringing me closer to God, it’s not the right thing to be doing.  Re-examine and get focused on God.