Getting closer

“My feet have avoided every evil path so that I can keep Your word.” Psalm 119:101

I pray this prayer, and the truth is something else because my feet have not  avoided every evil path and I have not always kept God’s word.  But in praying this line, I find myself wanting to be on the right path and lining up with the word of Truth.

Here’s what I’m learning:  The lines of Psalm 119 are meant to intensify our longing for God (especially through His word).  They do that by sharpening our awareness of the gap between what they express and where we are now.

They do something else as well.  God’s words bring me in, help me get closer.  They help me draw nearer to God’s presence.  I’m getting closer as I am meditating on God’s word and applying it, internalizing it.

Getting closer to God means you’re on the right path.  Gaining more knowledge or increasing the intensity of your belief is not a very accurate sign that you’re on the right path.  You can have those things and miss God.  Draw closer to God and make sure your relationship with the Father is growing–that’s the sure path.