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Psalm 119:16 Delight

I delight myself in Your statutes, do not let me forget Your word.” Psalm 119:16

This is the first mention of “delight” in Psalm 119, but it isn’t the only place we meet it in this psalm (it’s used at least 8 times).

God’s word grounds us, it gives greater substance to our devotion.  Our worship is not at the whim of momentary emotions.  The word guides us and serves a very positive purpose.

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Image of writing out Psalm 119 in a journal with title "Praying Psalm 119" a podcast series by Ron Oltmanns
Podcast series on Psalm 119 at First Fifteen

Psalm 119 seems custom designed to train our affections, our desires and longings.  Find yourself attracted to the wrong things?  Spend time in God’s word with a sincere prayer that God teach you to focus on what he considers important.  What you think about a lot (meditate on) is what you end up becoming.

As we delight in God’s word, of course the meaning is really:  “I delight in You, God.  Do not let me forget You.”

That kind of devotion to God is the whole purpose of Psalm 119.  By helping us to look into His statutes and ponder His word, we are led deeper into our devotion to God.

Delight yourself in God and His word today.  Turn that into a prayer.  Or let your prayer turn into a time of just finding delight in God today.  A practical way to do that is to spend time writing out the scripture by hand.  God’s word, my delight.

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