God’s Word is Near

Here is a very good word that came today: The Word, God’s Word, is near. This message from John 1 tells us:
“In the beginning was the word (logos), and the word was with God, and God was the word. In him was life, and that life was the light of men” (John 1:1,4)

And that took me back to Genesis 1 where I read the first five verses in Hebrew.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And God spoke, ‘Let light be!’ (come into existence) And there was light. God called the light ‘day’ and He called the darkness ‘night’, and there was evening and there was morning: first day.” (Genesis 1:1,3,5)

I love the rhythm of the poetry and the power of the words. It is utter simplicity, it is sound and solid, and it speaks truth.

So God was there in the beginning, and He made the first day. He made light. But how does that speak to me? Is there any word for me that is more personal? One of my favorite books was an early title by Max Lucado called God Came Near. It speaks of God entering into our world, coming close enough so we can relate.

“The word (logos) became flesh and lived a while among us, and we saw his glory, glory like no other, born of the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)  The Message says “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” That speaks to me. God got close, His Word is near even today.

I was prompted to reflect on John 1 and Genesis 1 today, and here are the truths I see and now I pray them.

  • God spoke the world into existence.
  • The first words spoken were “Let light be!”
  • God did not simply speak from the commanding heights of heaven, he spoke most powerfully, most fully by coming to earth in flesh and living among us, showing His glory in the ordinary, in human existence. He spoke human words, did human things, but what he did was far different from what ordinary people do who are seeking fame or glory.
  • The Word showed us God is Father and He spoke with words and acted with deeds that were full of grace and truth.
  • The Word was more real than life, and He took us beyond the half-truths and untruths that we build our lives on each day.

Here is the prayer for today: God, that is the first word out of my mouth. God of light and life, grace and truth. Thank You for coming among us, for coming near and making it clear who You are and what You desire for us. You seek our good, You desire our friendship, You extend forgiveness. Oh, the light shines, bright and warm and life-giving. It is clean light, clarifying, searching and truly good. It is Your glory, and there is nothing to compare to You. Thank You for coming near. Help me to extend some grace, some light today by Your strength. I will treasure this word today: My God comes near, the Word lives in me. Amen.