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Psalm 33_20

The Good News of Not Knowing

Psalm 33_20
Psalms 33:20. The Passion Translation

Is there something in your life you are struggling with right now? 

Is there an area where you are experiencing great discouragement or even defeat?

I cannot recall a time in my life where I am NOT struggling in some area of my life.

Yet there also has never been a time when the comfort of God has disappointed me.

“God is faithful” is a line wiser or just ordinary saints tell me when I share my struggle. 

So I cling on to that truth and walk in faith through all the valleys and unknowing of my life.

God is faithful.

Repeat it often enough and let a song in your heart burst forth!   Receive His peace, comfort and attention.   God – this Maker of heaven and earth – offers us what nothing in this world can give or compare.  

I cannot exactly pinpoint the time when it occurred.   

“It” felt very much like the extra weight I have been slowly gaining in this season of sit-sit-more-sit in front of a screen.  A.k.a. pandemic 2020 and covid-present life. 

I thought I finally found a new and lovely rhythm to work and life when a really strange thing happened.  No matter how much good movement was happening, something was tethering me.

I had to look at that.

I’m still looking at it.  And honestly, it is frustrating to not know.

If you have experienced sorrow,  disappointment, discouragement or despair, consider it an opportunity to let God in. 

I find often such experiences, no matter how unwelcome they are, prepare my heart to receive His love, comfort and mercy no other human experience provides.  

Been in a place where you feel there is no hope and think no one cares?

I have.

Why is it such good news to not know?

I don’t know about you.  But when I do not know something, I have to slow down and not do things like I typically do.

For instance, when I need to drive to a new place, I typically slow down so that I do not miss a turn or street.

When I am tackling a new recipe, I cannot afford to go on auto-pilot mode.  I have pay attention to the details of the recipe so that I don’t miss an important ingredient or crucial step.   

Thank God for the good news of not knowing.

Because it is only in this place that we can let God take over and help us work through our struggles, pain and fears.

There really is no shortage of God’s love and mercy.  I feel I have a limited supply of it.  Yet this God, this amazing Creator of all human beings, has enough mercy and grace for all the people of the world.

Hallelujah! Praise His Name!

So God – thank you for being in charge.  

Thank you for for being my God.  I prefer your all knowing wisdom.  Let that all knowing wisdom come into my life.  

Because I do not know.  

And frankly, even when I think I do know, I really don’t.

And that’s the truth.

Let all the earth fear the Lord;
    let all the people of the world revere him.

For he spoke, and it came to be;

he commanded, and it stood firm.

Psalm 33:8-9

And as I pray and meditate on this psalm, I notice something else.  

“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy”

Psalm 33:3

In Psalm 33, we are invited as a community of faith to express together our hope in you, God.

I invite you to do the same thing as well.

Sing Him a new song and enjoy the gift of not knowing,


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