New Testament Letters

Growing up I loved reading the letters of the New Testament. They seemed so practical and full of inspirational verses. I didn’t understand everything in them, but the difficult parts usually faded into the background and I focused on the parts that seemed written directly to me.

The only problem is they weren’t. When Paul or Peter or the other early Christian leaders wrote letters, they were not writing it to me or with me in mind, but a different audience altogether. That’s not to say the Holy Spirit doesn’t use the letters to speak to me today, but to forget (or ignore) some of the realities of the situation often leads to misunderstanding or even misapplication of what Scripture is actually saying.

In First Fifteen podcast we are going to listen to the letters to Philemon and Colossians in season 4 and learn to pray through them. The focus is on relationship and conversation with God. I’m also excited to announce a more in-depth Bible study based on Colossians and Philemon called “Christ Supreme” which launches later this month. If you are interested in this and want to be notified about details please visit this link.