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St John of the Cross

On Stillness - St John of the Cross

I am appreciating even more my moments of stillness with God these days. Maybe it’s because I have many things to attend to, and everything holds a certain amount of attention and importance.

I recently created a series of visual posts where the quote is set against a backdrop of a simple plant. When I came across a quote by St. John of the Cross, I decided to take time to work on a visual quote for it.

I first came across his book, ‘Dark Night of the Soul,’ many years ago when I was seeking something deeper to help me with my spiritual walk.

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There might be readers here who are not familiar with St. John of the Cross, so I included the notes below for you to learn a little more about him.

St. John of the Cross (1542-1951), also known as San Juan de la Cruz, was a Spanish mystic, poet, and Catholic saint.

He lived during the Counter-Reformation and was a prominent member of the Discalced Carmelite Order, which sought to restore the primitive and contemplative spirit of Carmelite monasticism.

As a mystic, St. John of the Cross is best known for his writings on spiritual growth and the soul’s union with God.

His most famous work is “The Dark Night of the Soul” (La Noche Oscura del Alma), a poetic treatise on the stages of the soul’s journey towards union with the divine.

In this work, he describes the cleansing and transformative process that individuals must undergo to achieve spiritual fulness and intimacy with God.

His writings are marked by their profound spiritual insight, poetic beauty, and the use of symbolic language to express the hard-to-describe experiences of the mystical journey.

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