Delight Psalm 37:4

Where do you find delight?

Take great delight in Yahweh and He will give you the requests of your heart.  
Release to Yahweh your ways and trust in Him, He will do it.  
He will make your righteousness shine forth like light and the justice of your case like the midday sun.”  Psalm 37:4-6

Be encouraged today with this truth from God’s word.  Regardless the circumstance, entrust your heart to our faithful God.

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God hears – Psalm 140:6

In the midst of a psalm praying forcefully against fierce enemies and those committed to do evil, this line and truth emerged:

“Yahweh, You are my God.  You hear the sound of my pleading, my voice asking for Your grace, Your favor!” (Psalm 140:6)

I pray it, and I use it to meet with God once again.

I love this about praying God’s word and using the Psalms to pray.   (more…)

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