What is “Word of Prayer”?

We all need more of God in our lives. You can read the Bible and hear more of his words. You can pray and make your requests known, praise God and confess your wrongs.

I’ve been a Bible reader and student most of my life. I’ve not been a person of great faith and prayer (in my own eyes). Much of my journey with God has been trying to bring these two in alignment, to listen to God speak (in all the variety of ways he does that), to meditate and think about what he’s said, to pray and trust God to answer, and to apply his truth to my life and let him change me/help me grow from the inside out.

If you struggle with any of those things, maybe what I share can help. I can also learn something from you, because the Christian faith in the end is an intensely communal and social experience. “No man is an island” John Donne said correctly.

How do we live that out? The local church and your own circle of believers can help. If you don’t have that, maybe we can encourage each other by connecting on social media. You can find me at Twitter @WordofPrayer15, on Instagram @ronoltmanns and on Facebook @WordofPrayer15