1. Jesus Christ, son of Abraham, son of David

“The book of origin of Jesus Christ, Abraham’s son, David’s son” (Matthew 1:1)

Matthew starts by giving us the family tree.  There is a purpose to this.  Each name has a story behind it.  We won’t go into each story, but trust me–there are some really good ones!

Abraham left his home near Ur and traveled from southern Iraq to northern Iraq, through Syria and eventually to the Palestinian town of Hebron where he is buried today along with Isaac and Jacob.  Abraham’s story is about faith–bold faith–and being willing to take a journey with God. (more…)

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God’s Word is Near

Here is a very good word that came today: The Word, God’s Word, is near. This message from John 1 tells us:
“In the beginning was the word (logos), and the word was with God, and God was the word. In him was life, and that life was the light of men” (John 1:1,4)

And that took me (more…)

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