Journey with Jesus – Book 3

I just started editing Book 3 for Journey with Jesus (Matthew 13-21) and plan to get it out before the end of the summer.  I hand wrote all of my Matthew devotionals in the last half of 2013.  Angela transcribed them for me last year (2014) and Books 1 and 2 came to market in December (ebook/Kindle version).

Quite a number of people have started the journey with Jesus, and I hope to encourage those who want to continue on this path of praying scripture.  Books 3 and 4 are still rough and need to be edited before publication, so the plan is to get them both out before September.

Pray for this effort that it will help many others make this journey and to be transformed in the process.  Also, as the summer holidays start for my two boys and they are out of school, we will try to involve them more in the reading and editing process.  I’m am really blessed to be able to read and meditate on Scripture over and over.