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  • Prayer is more than just asking God for things.  Prayer is for us to commune with God, to really enjoy His presence.
  • At the hospital this week, visiting a sister who just had surgery I learned something.  “Prayer is for relief from pain, just to get through a rough and sleepless night when the pain is searing.  Each time I’m crying and I can’t take it, I pray through the pain.”
  • Prayer is for us to calm ourselves when tempers flare and I’m impatient and angry.  I grab a prayer javelin and hurl it up to heaven and ask God “Take control of me and rein in my temper!”
  • From a child who often is afraid to venture into dark places alone, Prayer is for us to gain courage to go out in the dark, to go upstairs where it is dark, to help us to face our fears.
  • From a brother who has been seeking guidance about his work situation for almost a year, I learned that when we ask others to pray for us, God does provide guidance and answers.  Prayer is for us to humble ourselves to ask for help and it is for us to find boldness to ask for what we truly need even if we are afraid of being turned down.

What have you found prayer is for?