Marking the day

Do you mark special days on the calendar?  In our house we do.

August 5 is a special day to me because in 1979 I became a follower of Christ.  The Journey with Jesus took on special significance for me, and I’m eager to share it with others now.

You can start to follow Jesus like people follow others on social media because you are interested or curious.  The more/the longer you follow Jesus, you realize that this man is captivating and also a mystery.  He makes bold, breathtaking claims.  He also heals the sick and exorcises demons.  He forgives the sinful and criticizes the merely religious.  

In fact, you could say that Jesus is one of the best-known mysteries of human history.  Most people only have a very slight or thin understanding of this man.

If you want to get to know him better, I suggest you put some walking shoes on and then follow him on a journey.  The four “gospels” in the Bible give us four different views of Jesus that not only take us deeper into the mystery of the man, but closer to the heart of God.

Here’s my birthday present to you in honor of my special day August 5:  Go to Amazon and download a free copy of the book Journey with Jesus:  Praying Your Way through Matthew’s Gospel.

This offer is good for two days, August 4th-5th, and applies to the ebook on  If you want a copy of the print version, you can also get a copy it on Amazon.  Books 2 and 3 of the series are also available for download and Book 4 will be released soon.