Prayer is…a journey

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I’m walking a path… just as you are.  Living life is walking a particular path on this planet, at this time, making the choices I’m making.  Which is a lot about me, so let’s say it differently.

We are all on a journey.  The best way to make this journey is in conversation with God, praying our way through each day. (more…)

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God hears – Psalm 140:6

In the midst of a psalm praying forcefully against fierce enemies and those committed to do evil, this line and truth emerged:

“Yahweh, You are my God.  You hear the sound of my pleading, my voice asking for Your grace, Your favor!” (Psalm 140:6)

I pray it, and I use it to meet with God once again.

I love this about praying God’s word and using the Psalms to pray.   (more…)

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