Delight Psalm 37:4

Where do you find delight?

Take great delight in Yahweh and He will give you the requests of your heart.  
Release to Yahweh your ways and trust in Him, He will do it.  
He will make your righteousness shine forth like light and the justice of your case like the midday sun.”  Psalm 37:4-6

Be encouraged today with this truth from God’s word.  Regardless the circumstance, entrust your heart to our faithful God.

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Notes from the Journey – Family

Journey with Jesus

Our family just finished reading and praying through Book 1 of Journey with Jesus:  Praying Your Way through Matthew’s Gospel.

As Book 1 ends, you have just completed the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7).  This is a challenging portion of the Bible, especially if you take it as the standard for our behavior and thoughts and devotion to God.

Our family, which includes two adults and two boys (ages 12 and 10), shared the duties of reading aloud and leading the prayer with a little bit of conversation about the topic. (more…)

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